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The Art of Yes: Embracing Spontaneity for Powerful Acting




Fri | 12 May


4pm - 6pm

Prices do not include a Booking Fee of $1


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About the Course

This is a hands on workshop that will help actors improve their craft through improvisational theatre techniques.

Participants will learn to trust their instincts, enjoy the uncertainty of the unknown, and build on the ideas of others. They'll discover new ways to stay present, listen actively, and say "yes" to whatever comes their way.

By the end of the workshop, participants will feel more confident in their ability to improvise on stage, creating dynamic and engaging performances that are rooted in the moment.


Jon Cancio is a freelance performer and teaching artist.


Teaching Artist

Jon Cancio

Jon has performed on stage and on screen and has worked both in front of the camera and behind it. He believes that with a little bit of creativity, a sense of play, and good teamwork anything is possible. He practices this philosophy week in, week out as an improv performer and coach.

You may have seen him in ads for Pizza Hut, Chope, and Scoot Airlines. He’s also appeared on stage in productions by Singapore Repertory Theatre, How Drama, Toy Factory, and AndSoForth. He has appeared on screen in The Benzi Project, Uncanny Valley, and Girl Band Called Girl Band.


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