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Exploring Unconventional Theatre




Sat | 13 May


4pm - 5 pm

Kindly note, this fee will be claimed by the organisation for no-shows. This fee will be refunded once we have registered your attendance. The option to donate this fee is also available, thank you.

Exploring Unconventional Theatre

How do we make art that is not confirmative? How do we make theatre shows and art that break away from the expected and the familiar?


In this panel discussion, we will ask ourselves: How can we be more flexible in our approach to devising productions and shows? How can we be less beholden to traditional forms of theatre? Can we create a piece of theatre that is not conformative?


Join TableMinis, Attempts and Sim Yan Ying ‘YY’ as they explore the definition of theatre, and deepen the conversation with their work regarding unconventional theatre.



TableMinis is a Dungeons & Dragons and TTRPG Gaming Studio & Store based in Singapore.

We are your go-to store for all things tabletop role-playing and D&D, from miniatures, dice, peripherals to accessories and books.

Our studio run deeply immersive D&D & TTRPG Adventures, Games & Workshops for corporate, schools and general public.

Dennet K & Farez Najid

Dennet K. is a driven and passionate entrepreneur who has built a successful career in the up and coming TTRPG industry.

With over 7 years of experience as a Professional Dungeon Master, he has developed a deep understanding of the nuances and challenges of the TTRPG industry, and is committed to creating a brand and community that is more than a hobby but a lifestyle. Dennet is candid and honest in his approach to business, and is dedicated to navigating the complex landscape of this rapidly evolving industry.

Farez Najid, is a performer who brings creativity and imagination to life! Farez's passion for the performing arts began when he was trained in BA (Acting) at Lasalle College of the Arts for two years.

Now, he combines his love for storytelling and theatrics as a Dungeon Master of 6 years at TableMinis. Through the power of tabletop role-playing, Farez uses education and expression to create an unforgettable experience for his players. When he's not casting spells and battling monsters, Farez seeks to establish and provide the definition of professional dungeon master for the ever-changing workforce and game industry."


ATTEMPTS is named after our very first independent project, ""ATTEMPTS"". Attempts is a collective that aims to engage and provoke, transforming the audience into players, using participatory performances while providing a playground for like-minded artists to come on board to play and create their journey.

ATTEMPTS is a collective that believes theatre can and should transform passive audiences into active players by equipping them with agency (the power and capacity for action) while inviting them on a multi-sensorial adventure combining storytelling and game mechanics.

ATTEMPTS had previously presented “DATING SIM Beta (Ver Zoom)” in December 2020 and ""WINDOW"" in March 2022. ATTEMPTS recently participated Esplanade's Huayi Brewery in February 2023.

Rei Poh & Cheryl Tan Yun Xin

Rei Poh is a committed participatory theatre practitioner, director and game designer, who believes in the power of theatre to transform.

He is a proud graduate of the Victorian College of the Arts’ Master of Directing for Performance program.

Rei has created thought-provoking participatory and forum theatre works like ATTEMPTS:SG, ATTEMPTS:MEL and《莎莎》Girl In the White Sand Box.

Rei's recent projects include the showcase of DATING SIM (beta) — a participatory piece that experiments with video game-style narrative in Late Night Texting 2019 by CENTRE 42 and a video game performance in collaboration with The Doodle People titled Window.

Cheryl Tan Yun Xin is a bilingual actor, host and theatre maker based in Singapore. She is a part of ATTEMPTS and Impromptu Meetings.

As a theatre maker, her interests lie in experimenting with various artistic forms as well as bringing as many people as possible into her world, either through play or mere observation.

Her acting and directing credits include Impromptu Meetings' The Lobby, ATTEMPTS's Window and LASALLE College of the Arts' The Insiders.

Sim Yan Ying 'YY'

Sim Yan Ying "YY" (she/her) is a theatre artist based in Singapore and New York. She creates as a director, performer, writer, and deviser, and strives to make works that are experimental and accessible, physical in nature, and reflective of a diversity of lived experiences. YY believes in the power of live performance to bridge perspectives within and across communities in an increasingly polarized world, and is primarily guided by curiosity and compassion in her art-making.

YY graduated summa cum laude with a BFA in Theatre with Honors from NYU Tisch School of the Arts, Playwrights Horizons Theater School, and a BA in Psychology. She is presently a director in the Esplanade TRIP programme, an artist in the Mabou Mines SUITE/Space programme, and a participant in Emergency Academy.

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